Maximize the value of your emails
with programmatic native ads


The inboxAds Plugin is the easiest and fastest way to monetize
emails directly from your website's WordPress platform.

Install the inboxAds Plugin

A User-Friendly Solution that Provides
Extra Benefits with Every Email you Send

Easy to Use, Easy to Implement, our WordPress Plugin Turns Your Emails into Another Stream of Revenue

Here’s how it works

With our WordPress plugin, every email you send out from your WordPress platform has the potential to build your income.

We developed our inboxAds plugin to work with the most-used WP email plugins. As it integrates with your WP email plugin, it allows you to easily monetize all your emails.

Boost Your Revenue for Free

With free registration and quality programmatic native ads, email monetization with inboxAds’ WP plugin brings you another stream of income with no extra investment.

Fast Signup Process

Just download and install the inboxAds plugin. One of the great things about this product is that you don’t need to have experience in digital advertising to start monetizing your email newsletters.

Enjoy a World-Class User Experience

The plugin is completely plug-and-play, and you’ll get access to everything you may need to double-check your design, ad placement, and wording in real-time. When everything looks just right, click “Send.”

See How Your Ads Perform with Our Easy-to-Use Performance Chart

Get access to quick real-time analytics that gives you a 360-degree view of your ads’ performance.

Track impressions and revenue over the past seven days with our performance chart. Then dive deeper into the data when you analyze the numbers with your publisher dashboard.

See which newsletters and emails perform best and tweak your underperforming ones. Armed with your performance analytics and our AI-powered ad selection program, your emails will become a dependable second source of income for your business.

More inboxAds WP Plugin Features

Deploy top-quality ads

inboxAds works with only reputable ad inventory networks, making it more likely for your recipients to click on your ads and drive revenue for your business.

Curated Ad Inventory

We select only premium demand partners to fulfill your inventory. For your peace of mind, we curate each ad’s content before it reaches your readers.

Secure Transactions

We make and receive all payments through our specialized payment provider integrations. All payments are completely secure. You can access your transaction history from the product interface.

Generate unlimited emails

Target specific customer segments with newsletters tailored to their needs. No matter how many emails you send, you will not pay anything extra.

IAB Standards

We fully support all IAB ad size specifications, as well as a variety of customizable ad units.

Use your choice of WordPress email sending platforms

inboxAds offers complete compatibility with the most frequently-used email sending WP plugins.

Ready to start monetizing your emails?