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Packed with industry-leading features that help you turn your emails into a new revenue channel.

Higher Revenue

Higher Revenue:

Unlock the full potential of your email monetization channel.

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Setting the bar higher

Our clients trust inboxAds to improve their revenue gains through email monetization. Complex tools that work in the background deliver the best possible revenue for your newsletter.

By providing your readers with the right content at the right time, we push the boundaries of efficiency, helping your newsletter generate more revenue.

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Product Intelligence

Product Intelligence:

Leverage the power of AI & machine learning
to increase your business’s potential.

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Inventory management

The built-in algorithms work with your inventory to ensure the best possible outcome. We’ve partnered with the finest demand networks to deliver optimal content to your recipients. The system manages traffic distribution, so you get the maximum revenue out of each conversion.

Custom tailored content

We take great pride in delivering a superior all-around experience to your readers. We carefully select the content that reaches your recipients depending on their preferences and previous activity. Conversion rates rise, while ads suppression decreases.

Superior UX & UI

Superior UX & UI:

The best product experience, delivered.

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Dazzling user interface. Natural user experience

The technical advancements of inboxAds are only matched by its clear and innovative user experience. inboxAds brings you the most powerful features right at your fingertips using a simple and intuitive interface.

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Powerful & Easy to Use
Powerful & easy to use

See everything you need to know right in front of you in an easy-to-read graph. Change parameters with a single click.

Quick & easy newsletter creation

Create your newsletter at the drop of a hat. With WordPress integration, you can publish your newsletter quickly, saving you time while you earn extra revenue.

Quick & Easy Newsletter Creation
Live Ad & Newsletter Preview
Live ad & newsletter preview

Double-check your design, ad placement, and wording in real time before you hit “send.”

Seamless Registration
Seamless Registration

Seamless Registration:

Getting started with inboxAds is quick
and easy so that you can start
monetizing right away.

Seamless Registration
Customer-centric, simplified process

Time is money. We understand that. That’s why we designed the registration process to be as simple and efficient as possible. We only request enough information to get you started in minutes.

We’ve partnered with the best services on the market to provide you a true plug-and-play solution. You can even sign your documents digitally and set up your payment details within inboxAds itself—no need for third-party aggregators like PayPal.

GDPR & CCPA Privacy Shield Compliant

GDPR & CCPA Privacy Shield Compliant:

inboxAds fully complies with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Privacy is our concern

We’ve designed our solution to be fully compliant with all the privacy requirements enforced by the market today.

We do not log any of your readers’ personal data outside of what data we need for your setup to work, and we show proper and good use of that information.

All the information we store is fully encrypted, leaving no personal or identifiable data visible or exposed.

Ad Fraud Countermeasures

Ad Fraud Countermeasures:

Innovation blends with technology to assist with the biggest market challenge we face today.

Fighting off bad traffic using artificial intelligence (AI)

We are building the first artificial intelligence system that constantly monitors the traffic quality flowing through inboxAds. Our system automatically detects and discards counterfeit traffic and bots before they do any harm.

This ensures for our publishers that the system will maximize their revenue gains and assures our demand partners and advertisers that they will receive only high-quality traffic.

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The Email Monetization Platform for every business, regardless of size.

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More Product Features

No Sign-Up Cost

Registration is free of charge. Start monetizing your emails today without spending a dime.

Help Along the Way

Our product features an intelligent help assistant that you can use at any time. Our system displays relevant help topics based on your screen context.

IAB Standards

We fully support all IAB ad size specifications, as well as a variety of customizable ad units.

Secure Transactions

We make and receive all payments through our specialized payment provider integrations. All payments are fully secure. You can access your full transaction history from the product interface.

Curated Ad Inventory

We select only premium demand partners to fulfill your inventory. For your peace of mind, we curate each ad’s content before it reaches your readers.

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