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inboxAds Helps Publishers Battle COVID-19 Economic Impact with 10% Bonus Revenue

Las Vegas, Nevada – March 26, 2020

With the challenges that face today’s businesses due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), inboxAds joins the global effort against the economic impact of this deadly disease. To help newsletter publishers of all sizes remain in business, the native advertising agency is offering publishers a 10 percent bonus on the revenue they generate by placing native ads in their emails.

For big publishers, this offer is a great way to maintain their revenue by adding an extra stream of revenue to their business. For small businesses that publish newsletters to inform their customers, the revenue they can generate during this crisis can make the difference between staying in business and going bankrupt.

No matter if the publisher is large, medium, small, or even a solo entrepreneurship, it can add extra revenue to its income during the crisis. Free for publishers to use, inboxAds gives publishers lifetime access for this additional stream of revenue.

With its top-quality inventory of AI-targeted ads, inboxAds provides only non-competitor ads that each blog’s readers will be interested in. Email monetization, points out Laurentiu Vladan, inboxAds’ CEO, is an ideal channel to fill the coronavirus revenue gap while at the same time, building even more connections with their subscribers with advertisements for products they will like. With inboxAds, publishers maintain complete control over the advertising that appears in their newsletters.

“With inboxAds’ user-friendly design,” says Vladan, publishers can get up and running in minutes with minimal effort.” No coding skills are required, he points out. Publishers who suddenly have to work from home can start monetizing their newsletters without losing valuable time they need to adjust to the switch. In these stressful times, anything that brings in extra revenue with little effort will certainly be welcomed by businesses large and small alike.

About inboxAds

inboxAds is a complete plug-and-play email monetization platform that enables publishers and advertisers from all over the world to boost revenue. Using ads from a rich, curated inventory, the platform leverages the power of AI and machine learning to generate the highest returns for every business, regardless of size and email volume. inboxAds partnered with the finest demand networks to deliver optimal content, while the system manages traffic distribution to ensure the maximum revenue out of each conversion. It delivers a seamless user experience throughout the process and is free to use for publishers. A passion for innovation marks inboxAds mission: to create genuine value for customers through its products.