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inboxAds Becomes First Email Monetization Company to Develop WordPress Plugin for Publishers

Las Vegas, Nevada – February 26, 2020

inboxAds announces the launch of its WordPress plugin – an extension of the publishers' product. The plugin helps content creators, such as bloggers, authors, coaches, and others, monetize their email newsletters through the WordPress platform directly.

With this tool, inboxAds adds another layer to its email monetization services. Together with the company's new AdServer product that serves advertisers, inboxAds has become an email monetization ecosystem – a complete email monetization solution.

Publishers have always searched for new ways to boost revenue. Although email is by far the best way to publish newsletters, finding a way to pay for the expenses involved in producing the newsletter – and for the newsletter itself to bring in extra money – has been a challenge. With its one-of-a-kind WordPress plugin, inboxAds gives bloggers and other content marketers a way to drive more revenue for their businesses and more engagement from their readers.

That's because publishers have complete control over their content, says inboxAds CEO Laurentiu Vladan. He points out, "Monetizing emails puts publishers in charge of distributing their newsletter. It permits them to own their relationship with their subscribers, as opposed to having to bow to the will of a third-party platform. When engagement is critical – as it is with a newsletter – survival depends on content ownership."

He adds, "With relevant content coming into subscribers' inboxes regularly, these individuals and organizations have improved subscriber retention, turning seekers into loyal customers. The new WordPress plugin allows publishers to monetize emails with native ads embedded in the newsletter's text, directly from their website's WordPress platform."

As a plug-and-play solution, this plugin allows publishers to place ads on their newsletter without coding – and they can track each campaign's performance on a user-friendly dashboard. It only takes a few minutes to get it up and running. All a publisher needs to do is follow a few simple instructions, choose where they want to insert the ads, and publish their newsletter.

About inboxAds

inboxAds is a complete plug-and-play email monetization platform that enables publishers and advertisers from all over the world to boost revenue. Using ads from a rich, curated inventory, the platform leverages the power of AI and machine learning to generate the highest returns for every business, regardless of size and email volume. inboxAds partnered with the finest demand networks to deliver optimal content, while the system manages traffic distribution to ensure the maximum revenue out of each conversion. It delivers a seamless user experience throughout the process and is free to use for publishers. A passion for innovation marks inboxAds mission: to create genuine value for customers through its products.