Expand Your Company’s
Portfolio with Email Monetization


Bring more customer benefits to your product range
by adding white-label programmatic email
monetization service from inboxAds.

Broaden Your Portfolio

New value for your customers.
More value for you.

Help your customers create new streams of income, while building
their trust in your company as a full-service solution provider.

New revenue stream

Expanding your portfolio with email monetization can provide your customers with a way they can earn more revenue. Not only will you create new revenue for your customers, but with each customer that monetizes their emails, your business earns more money as well.

Boost customer satisfaction

When you offer your customers easy access to programmatic email advertising, you give them a service they can't get from your competitors. That opportunity will increase their satisfaction with your services, and it will build loyalty in the long run.

Zero-cost integration

Trying to develop an email monetization service from scratch takes time, labor, and capital away from your main business. Why derail your own business when you can add a new range of services at no additional cost?

Your brand’s reach, amplified

We develop custom-built APIs that enable you to integrate email monetization services into your existing product line. Since it’s a white-label service – with no mention of inboxAds – you will grow your relationship with your customers.

We include everything you need, all with no cost to your business:

Setup Assistance

Custom Development

Ongoing Support

Take advantage of inboxAds’ complete monetization ecosystem.