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Our answers to your questions about how inboxAds can help you monetize your newsletters with programmatic native ads.


By using programmatic native ads in email newsletters, you leverage AI’s capabilities to make smart ad placements. The main advantage of this type of advertising is that it provides subscribers with a meaningful experience through real-time personalization. At the same time, it offers publishers who sell advertising space in their newsletters a new revenue stream.

Native ads appear as headlines leading to related stories, and, as such, they don’t disrupt the user experience. Programmatic ads target the audience through algorithms that sift through data, such as online behavior. However, programmatic native ads are those ads that can do both, while perfectly blending in with the template of a newsletter.

Publishers put a lot of time and effort into their email newsletters to engage their audience and boost brand awareness. By using programmatic native ads in emails, publishers can easily create a new revenue stream. You're essentially making your newsletters work harder for your business.

In addition to increased revenue, this type of advertising isn't disruptive because it relies on AI to target the right people with the right content, ensuring your readers continue to enjoy a great experience. You'll also benefit from real-time insights and valuable tracking performance data.

While there's a lot of technology working behind the scenes to monetize your newsletter, the process is easy for publishers. You can register with inboxAds and start using the platform in a few minutes. When you register, you'll get your own publisher account. From here, you can add your newsletter and determine where you want the ads to appear. Then, AI does the work for you. Machine learning algorithms will determine what ads your subscribers are likely to be interested in, and when they open your email newsletter, those ads will appear natively. Then, whenever a subscriber clicks on one of the ads, you earn money!

Because programmatic native ads appear to fit naturally within your newsletters and target their interests, they're not going to disrupt the experience for your subscribers like other ads would. To optimize your email monetization strategy, we also recommend limiting your ads.

inboxAds works with reputable ad inventory networks, so you have nothing to worry about. All the ads that appear in your newsletter are subject to a quality audit. Having this kind of quality control, they will avoid restricted or prohibited products or services, as well as inappropriate content. Sources are verified, ensuring that your ads will reflect well on your business. In other words, readers won’t unsubscribe due to quality issues.

Ad performance is displayed on each publishers' dashboard. You can create custom views for each newsletter to get an overview for each when you log in. Advanced tracking is also available for those who wish to deep dive and understand how to further improve their monetization strategy.

With inboxAds, publishers like you can earn more revenue without having to invest extra time or money. Because the platform delivers customized native ads, your subscribers can still enjoy the same premium reading experience they’ve come to expect from your emails. To get an estimate, you can use the revenue calculator here.

Essentially, the more people click on the ads, the more you'll earn, so it's worthwhile to review your ads' performance and adjust ad placement if necessary.

The payment and invoicing capabilities are automated. You'll set up your payment information during the inboxAds setup process. After the onboarding flow has been completed and you start making money with your newsletters, your invoices will be automatically generated each month and paid according to the financial terms agreed upon with inboxAds.

You don't have to spend any money to start using the platform and monetizing your emails. inboxAds is free to use for publishers. There's also zero commitment. You can stop using the platform anytime.

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