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Inedit Agency grows revenue by 35% right from the first month of usage after partnering with inboxAds.

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Our email marketing campaigns are the core of our business. To fine-tune their efficiency, we put our trust in inboxAds and could not have been more pleased with the decision. Their creative approach and professionalism made a significant difference in our campaigns, helping us increase productivity and revenue by 35% in quite a short time.

Adrian Gheorghe

Managing Partner, Inedit Agency

Since its founding in 2006, the Inedit Agency team has consistently delivered high-quality online marketing services. For over a decade, its creative team has customized unique strategies for each client, helping clients build both their revenue and reputation.

The Inedit team wanted to unlock more revenue from their email channels – so they decided to start using inboxAds. By providing their readers with the right content at the right time, they pushed the boundaries of efficiency, helping their clients' newsletters generate even more revenue.

Getting started with inboxAds is quick and easy, so the Inedit Agency and its clients could monetize right away – causing their revenue to jump 35 percent in a short time.

Your time is precious. That’s why we designed our registration process to be simple and efficient – allowing our clients to monetize in minutes after signing up. Everything is integrated into the product – from signing documents digitally to cashing out your revenue. Get started today!

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