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We work together to help newsletter publishers
and business partners reach new heights.

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Our Vision

To become the email monetization platform of choice for leading newsletter publishers around the world.

Our Mission

We empower publishers to drive a new stream of revenue by monetizing their email newsletters with programmatic native ads.

This Is Us

The people behind the most advanced email monetization platform available today.


Laurentiu Vladan



Iulian Danciu

Product Manager


Catalin Pantazi

Full-Stack Developer


Radu Pecheanu

UI / UX Designer


Marika Zinca

Junior Marketing Manager


Ioana Dulcu

Brand & Product Marketing

Our Core Values

The values we hold impact every decision we make, guiding us to provide you with a unique customer experience.


We take responsibility to ensure that both publishers and advertisers can maximize their revenue with carefully targeted ads.

Continuous improvement

Through constant learning, we advance in both technology and service fostering meaningful relationships with our customers.

Results-oriented focus

We accept nothing but a demonstrable increase in our publishers’ revenue and our advertisers’ reach.

Excellence in development

We commit ourselves to quality, focusing on technical superiority to deliver best-in-class solutions.

Impeccable customer service

We never forget for whom we work — across all teams, superb customer service is our highest priority.

Nurturing human relationships

Though our work is in technology, our highest priority is to form and nurture relationships with our customers and partners.


We minimize our expenses and maximize efficiency to deliver world-class service to publishers and advertisers alike.


We go beyond listening to see our customers’ challenges through their eyes so that we can provide them with a better solution.

Performance-driven work

With a passion for what we do, we create innovative ways to help advertisers and publishers experience incredible results.

Leaving our mark on the world

We aim to leave a mark on the advertising industry with a solution that delights customers, drives sales, and generates more value for all our stakeholders.

Design ingenuity

We created an intuitive interface that not only looks amazing but is also intuitive and easy to use.

Enjoyment and fun

All work and no play make for a dull mind, so we keep our minds refreshed by following our passions outside the workplace.

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